Web Developer

Creating powerful web applications since 2000.



A Drupal 7 site with a modified Omega4 theme. I participated in the development of custom modules, SASS styling to design specs, Varnish and Redis caching.

Martha's Vineyard Commission

The MV Commission is an organization created to manage development on the island. This website was built on Drupal 7, and houses the Commission's vast database of documents and records. Documents are highly organized and searchable, and the site is used by both the public and the Commission for reference and public record. I was sole developer on this site, working with a designer and a project manager.


In order to provide a single database of record and a convenient experience for its 1 million+ users, the Single Sign-On System was my first project for UBM Medica. It was built from scratch using PHP and MS SQL, and a combination of Prototype and jQuery for the dynamic forms and UX. Under the hood, UBM's collection of medical publication sites can "talk to" the SSO system to determine a user's authenticity, and whether they have provided enough data to access certain content.

Nutritional Outlook

Another Drupal site launched recently by myself and the team at UBM.

Too Blue

I play bass with this fun group of people.